Top Hat is composed of a select group of outstanding Juniors and Seniors from Fairfield County who are available to provide top of the line, in-home tutoring. Hours are flexible and so are we! With over 40 different tutors to choose from across a wide range of subjects, you can't go wrong. Here's what you need to know:

Rates are $40 per hour. For group sessions, it is $20 per hour for each additional student ($60/hr for two students, $80/hr for three, etc.).

We offer a Financial Assistance Program: If you would like to be considered for a reduced rate, please write "financial aid program" in the bottom section of the tutor request form.

Tutoring can occur any place where there is little distraction. These can include your house or a public place - we love public libraries and local book stores! Tutors do not tutor in their own homes.

If you have any questions about our policies, we encourage you to contact us at If you would like to request a particular tutor, please visit our 'Request' page and fill out the Tutor Request Form.

Credits to Myumi Designs and Julia Schorr for designing the Top Hat Logo!

Credits to Nathanel Metke for designing the Top Hat Website!

Current Top Hat Administration:

Victoria Cao


Daniel Westphal


Nicholas Denton Cheng

Music Head

Past Presidents of Top Hat Tutors:

Neal Soni

(Yale University)

Jay Mudholkar

Fisher M&T program
(University of Pennsylvania)

Vig Namasivayam

(Yale University)

Nick Massoud

(Yale University)

Charlie Jersey

(Founder, Williams College)

Past Vice Presidents of Top Hat Tutors:

Shoshana Markel

(Brown University)

Evan Feder

(Carnegie Mellon University)

Simon Ginsberg

(Brown University)

Past Chapter Heads:

Steven Dampf

(Colgate University)

Hunter Burkard

(Indiana University Bloomington)